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Hello, I am Jakob.

I am a Freelance Consultant and Software Developer, who is eager to help you and your team to build successful products!

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As a Freelance Consultant and Developer, I help customers on site to transform towards an agile approach to Software / Hardware Development. By working together with the existing product team, I can focus on building capabilities in the team while working together on delivering value continuously.

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I am an Agile Enthusiast

I spend my time continuously delivering software and hardware systems using test-first methodologies. Working in close collaboration with fellow developers, designers, business analysts and product owners by pairing and on-site teamwork is a necessity to successfully realize a product vision.

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I am a Generalist.

Throughout the years I have faced challenges of product development in a multitude of domains. With neopoly I’ve developed large scale mobile browser games entertaining millions of users. In addition to this I worked on a wide spectrum of industry applications, from security critical IoT platforms to safety critical bootloaders for microcontrollers.

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I am a Pragmatist.

I truly believe that picking the right tool for the job is much more valuable than becoming a master of a single trade. Here is a a partial list of my skills:


Java (Spring Boot, Dropwizard), Ruby (Rails, Sinatra), Python, JavaScript (React, jQuery), Lua, Embedded C, C++, Go


Linux, Ansible, Salt, Terraform, Consul, Vault, Docker, Vagrant, AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean, Vim, Emacs, IntelliJ


Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery, Pair Programming, Kanban, SCRUM, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code

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I speak at conferences and write articles for my blog and various publishers.

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